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YOU can be an important catalyst in my life! Being a GROW Ministries missionary is a great privilege that I believe God has called me to!

This page exists to ask for your help to be a financial and prayer partner in with mission with me. 

For the past six years I have been used by God to help women in crisis. I attend and put on classes for female inmates each week at Rock Island and Scott County jails; influencing inmates to change their lives for God. What a privilege to pour into these ladies and watch God change their lives. I remember like it was yesterday when God first reveled to me the truth about the inmates that I encounter. God showed me that these ladies were just broken individuals like I once was; that they needed a Lord and Savior just like I did. From that day forward, I have the wonderful opportunity of sharing the Hope of Jesus Christ with these ladies each week. 

I love the challenge that comes with ministering behind bars. It is common for ladies to come to class just for something to do and not really be interested in hearing about God. They can have a negative attitude about God. They can challenge my views and the truth. I love to watch as God begins to change and soften their hearts and attitudes as I stand firm and speak truth.

After taking twenty hours of training with both Grace Alliance and Fresh Hope I am not able to counsel women who struggle with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts find Hope and healing in Jesus Christ. God used me to birth Restore Counseling to do just that; empower the hopeless! Restore Counseling helps those who struggle not be limited by depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and find healing and learn practical steps to live free. Restore Counseling is available all over the United States and the world. Restore Counseling has a special place in my heart as faith-based resources for those who struggle are virtually non-existent. I have the huge opportunity to share from my life of my personal struggles in these areas and share how God has set me free!

GROW Ministries has two Safe Houses for helping women get back on their feet and change their lives. I have the opportunity of helping these women on a daily basis. I am able to interact on a personal level with these ladies and help them in a deeper capacity. I help them learn to practice the insights and tools they are learning each and every day. What a wonderful and challenging experience it is to help these women change their thinking so they can change their actions and their lives.
Will YOU join me on this great and rewarding journey?

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